Current Fall Favorites


1// Sweet Potato Fries. I can’t seem to eat enough of these, even more so since they are good for you {as I lay on the seasoned salt}. I was never a big sweet potato fan but, my goodness. Just go make or find some to taste for yourself.

2// Pumpkin Pie Spice. After freezing all that pumpkin, I headed to the store for my fall spices. Love the rich colors and smell. Here’s a basic recipe. A store that sells bulk spices is a great place to get as much as you need. I know it fits my budget better than getting a whole bottle of each spice.


3// Stash Chai Spice tea. My husband is to blame for getting me hooked on this. And the cooler weather, I suppose. It takes lots of sugar and a dash of milk. So.Good. I would drink it all day if I could.

4// Pumpkin Seeds. Baked in butter, Worcestershire sauce and chili powder. Great snack!5and6

5// Autumn Wall Hanging. My sweet sister surprised me with this beautiful piece. It looks great with my burlap frames {that still aren’t quite finished. At least they’re hanging.}.

6// Homemade Oatmeal. I love adding whatever fruit I have on hand into my morning oatmeal or just brown sugar if I don’t. On those rare quiet mornings when both babies are still sleeping I’ll head outside to watch the sunrise with my Bible and hot breakfast. It’s a wonderful thing.


7// Potato Soup. This recipe was a crockpot Pinterest success! Definitely one of my favorite soups.

8// Baby feet. I’ve been wanting to frame BabyBoy’s newborn feet print for awhile and recently discovered the perfect size frame in the closet. Love it.

9and109//Greek Pumpkin Yogurt. Or is it Pumpkin Greek Yogurt? However you say it; YUM. I tried this little snack with vanilla as well as plain Greek yogurt. I liked it with vanilla best since I didn’t have to add any kind of sweetener. I wasn’t able to lose the bitter taste or seem to sweeten the plain enough. Maybe it was just my taste buds……

10//Pumpkin Pancakes. These are from my list. Found them on Pioneer Woman’s blog so of course they were yummy! The homemade whipped cream didn’t hurt nuthin’ either. Not overwhelmingly pumpkin but just enough to make them perfect. I made a bunch of the silver dollar size as well as a few regular. Cut the recipe in half for our family and it was plenty!


I’ve been wanting to try the scones on my pumpkin list ever since I saw the recipe. Something a little different than muffins or bread. I couldn’t wait until the weekend and thought they’d be fun for breakfast so, once BabyBoy was asleep, BabyGirl and I got to work! 1You can find the full recipe here.


It was really easy to mix up and doesn’t call for many ingredients.  I was worried about rolling out the dough but other than being a little sticky {I put down quite a bit of flour…..a little too much actually} it was simple to flatten and cut.3Since I wasn’t going to bake them right away I put the individual pieces on a cookie sheet and into the freezer. Later, I put them in a Ziploc {you could also wrap them individually in plastic wrap}. In the morning I just stuck them back on a cookie sheet and baked them without thawing. They rise a bit while baking which makes them light and fluffy. They weren’t super pumpkin tasting but you can really taste the spices. Especially with the spiced glaze. They made for the perfect Saturday breakfast. Great with coffee or chai tea!


Chicken Fettuccine

I tend to be a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to meals. I find simple, yummy foods to make and I stick with them. After awhile I get bored and that’s where Pinterest has come in super handy to add a little variety.
Now chicken Alfredo is nothing new but this recipe called for plain Greek yogurt instead of heavy whipping cream. I was curious to see how it would taste.

kitchenI discovered it to be one of those recipes that’s a little involved. My ideal cooking is using one pan, maybe two. That way I can concentrate better and not go all crazy multitasking (which I don’t do well when I cook or bake). This one called for three pans; plus a strainer for the pasta and all the assorted utensils and measuring tools. I felt a little like a chicken with its head cut off, stirring this and that, flipping my chicken from side to side, while making sure my white sauce didn’t burn (I mostly worried about that). I realized five minutes before it was all done that I’d forgotten to steam the broccoli and the pan I needed to use was holding the pasta. Thankfully broccoli doesn’t take long to cook and that’s why you should always have a strainer.
Was it worth the hassle?

eatingOhhhhhhh yes. Yes, it was. I mean, just look at that plate full of yumminess.
Plus baby girl helped me with the dishes later so we had the mess all cleaned up in no time. When we were finished she was soaked, but doesn’t that happen to everyone?