DIY: Crib rail protector

The Lord recently blessed us with a beautiful crib. No sooner had we put it up, baby boy started testing his teeth on it. I know, I know, it’s supposed to get used but of course I freaked out and wrapped blankets all around the rail. However, I didn’t want that to be a permanent solution. After looking on Pinterest and Google, I decided to dive in a try to make my own rail protector.

How hard could it be? {usually my famous last words}

I cheated a little bit, using a receiving blanket instead of buying fabric.  I get pretty excited when I can use something I already have AND it’s something I like. I am really into the chevron pattern plus grey is a great neutral for boy or girl.

First I measure my crib rail. I measure a few times just to make sure I had it correct. {sometimes my brain plays tricks on me}

1The green flannel blanket I used for my lining. If it’s not thick enough to “protect” it’ll be pretty fabric on top with teeth marks still in your nice wood rail.

2I cut both blankets in half and sewed the halves together to make one long piece. {A word of advice: always, always, always PRESS YOUR SEAMS. It’s a boring hassle and annoying but it will make your life 100 times easier while sewing.}

3Next, I pinned the two pieces wrong sides together, sewing them together to make one piece.

4The green flannel’s thickness was just right but it was also lumpy and hard to make lay flat even after pinning. I do have a few places that bubble a little because of this.

5{If at any point in time you wonder, “why is she doing it that way?” or “why is she making all that extra work for herself?” I am not a pro and am only following what my brain is telling me makes sense. Due to this I sometimes end up doing things two or three or four or five times before it comes out the way I want……or any way that works.}

6I folded the fabric in half putting right sides together and pinning it in place. More advice: you will save yourself tears of frustration if you remember to leave an opening so you can flip it right side out when you are done.

7After flipping it right side out, I took out my lining stitches because some of them were showing on the outside. I hand tacked my ribbon in place and sewed my opening closed.

8Then I sewed a top stitch over the whole thing {I LOVE how the zig-zag stitch came out} which went over my ribbon again. Gotta make it strong!

9Ta da! It’s definitely NOT perfect but it turned out better than I thought it would {I was very doubtful half way into it}

11And so far, so good. Baby boy hasn’t really tried to yank or pull yet.10



In the quiet

This morning {5:30AM this very early morning} after spending needed time with the Lord, I thought to myself “Ooo maybe I can send an email real quick before little E wakes up!” I grabbed my morning coffee, completely believing that she would wake up before I got to the computer. I sent that email and read a few more, while waiting for the sound of a little voice next door. Or the louder sound of my little girl opening her door with a call for “Mommmmmy!” Seven-thirty passed with nary a sound.

As a mom {as all you moms out there KNOW}, I relish a quiet moment. It goes to my head rather quickly. I began to get light headed and giddy {or was that just from my coffee?}.  I started making a mental list of everything I could do while they still slept {clean everything? sit here & veg? read a book?}. The choices abounded. Talk about not knowing what to do with yourself. This is not something I have to deal with very often.

Another thought came to me though. Because after all, you canonly do those things so much before they are done.

What on earth would I do with myself if I didn’t have my babies?”

To be sure, we have our rough moments.

To be honest, sometimes an entire day is just plain horrible.

But what about those times when you go into your baby boy’s room and he’s standing there in his crib, waiting for you, with the biggest four teeth grin ever? What about when your little girl tells you that her “owie” is better because “Daddy kiss it.”  What about when she’s sitting on the couch “reading” Elephant & Piggie books, yelling, “I don’t want to be a frog!!!”  What about the times baby boy snuggles into your shoulder, all wrapped in his blanket, with his little arm wrapped around yours?  Or comes crawling at you so he can pull himself up to stick his little arms around your neck? What about when little girl skips out of her room wearing three skirts and two shirts, completely non matching and inside out, very proud for doing it herself. Or points to the red text in the Bible and tells you that it’s, “Jesus talking.”  What about the times she starts singing along with you, at the very top of her sweet little voice? What about when she asks you to “fix it” and completely believes you can fix anything? Or when you look in a room and two little heads are close together playing with toys?

It truly is worth every moment.

I hear their voices…..and my heart is full.


Current Fall Favorites


1// Sweet Potato Fries. I can’t seem to eat enough of these, even more so since they are good for you {as I lay on the seasoned salt}. I was never a big sweet potato fan but, my goodness. Just go make or find some to taste for yourself.

2// Pumpkin Pie Spice. After freezing all that pumpkin, I headed to the store for my fall spices. Love the rich colors and smell. Here’s a basic recipe. A store that sells bulk spices is a great place to get as much as you need. I know it fits my budget better than getting a whole bottle of each spice.


3// Stash Chai Spice tea. My husband is to blame for getting me hooked on this. And the cooler weather, I suppose. It takes lots of sugar and a dash of milk. So.Good. I would drink it all day if I could.

4// Pumpkin Seeds. Baked in butter, Worcestershire sauce and chili powder. Great snack!5and6

5// Autumn Wall Hanging. My sweet sister surprised me with this beautiful piece. It looks great with my burlap frames {that still aren’t quite finished. At least they’re hanging.}.

6// Homemade Oatmeal. I love adding whatever fruit I have on hand into my morning oatmeal or just brown sugar if I don’t. On those rare quiet mornings when both babies are still sleeping I’ll head outside to watch the sunrise with my Bible and hot breakfast. It’s a wonderful thing.


7// Potato Soup. This recipe was a crockpot Pinterest success! Definitely one of my favorite soups.

8// Baby feet. I’ve been wanting to frame BabyBoy’s newborn feet print for awhile and recently discovered the perfect size frame in the closet. Love it.

9and109//Greek Pumpkin Yogurt. Or is it Pumpkin Greek Yogurt? However you say it; YUM. I tried this little snack with vanilla as well as plain Greek yogurt. I liked it with vanilla best since I didn’t have to add any kind of sweetener. I wasn’t able to lose the bitter taste or seem to sweeten the plain enough. Maybe it was just my taste buds……

10//Pumpkin Pancakes. These are from my list. Found them on Pioneer Woman’s blog so of course they were yummy! The homemade whipped cream didn’t hurt nuthin’ either. Not overwhelmingly pumpkin but just enough to make them perfect. I made a bunch of the silver dollar size as well as a few regular. Cut the recipe in half for our family and it was plenty!