Birthday happiness

Ever since we discovered {I don’t remember how, exactly} that some restaurants give you free food on your birthday, the list has been growing. This year we added a new place! I was so excited. Birthdays have basically become eat-as-much-free-food-as-possible day. I love it. :P I am bringing this up because last Friday was my hubby’s special day!

For some reason, I was in a out-of-camera mood –cringe– so I took a whopping 4 pictures! I can’t believe myself. But don’t worry, I will redeem myself when my birthday comes around. *pinkypromise*

First we went to The Farmgrill for a yummy breakfast of waffles topped with strawberries, blueberries and a mountain of whipped cream. Tyler also got a vanilla bean shake to go with it. It was delicious!

Our next stop was a favorite bookstore where Tyler spent his birthday money on a book about computer stuff…PHP….whatever that means. It is always fun perusing the shelves. You never know what treasure you might find.

On our way to lunch, we had to go to Krispy Kreme to pick up the free dozen. Sugar coma, anyone?  Lunch was served at Firehouse Subs, again for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was a yummy BBQ gourmet something-or-another.

Nap time was in order because I don’t know about you but I was in a food coma.  Even with us sharing each meal, it is sooooo much food!  We had a good 3 hour nap before heading out again.

Joe’s BBQ served us for dinner. The traditional sampler platter of every meat they make there bbq-ed.  And cheesy potatoes! I love those things! Their homemade root beer is also to die for.

Next, we hopped across the street (waddled, is more like it) to Liberty  Market for our coffee and dessert. Usually we both get a Vietnamese coffee but I was in the mood for a mocha. {yum} Tyler got the traditional as well as a huge ice cream sandwich.

We also met my parents there {it was their first time} and had fun hanging out together, sipping coffee. This is where I got my sad and few pictures. They made fun of me for taking pictures of the coffee. But it’s soooo pretty!

So all in all we had a very fun day. It’s always special spending time together, making fun memories and sharing is good…..even if it is only food.

{and just so you know….we saved Red Robin for the next day.)

The End.


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