Birthday project

Had a really fun time putting together my sister’s birthday present. Got the idea from a Good Housekeeping magazine that my Grandma had at her house. I remarked to my sister’s how cute it was. Rebekah remarked how she could hang her scarves on it. And the idea was born.

After a quick stop to this wonderful place I found the perfect knobs. Believe me, there were a TON of choices. I had a realy hard time deciding which ones to get. Tyler gave up on me after about 5 minutes of musing. He went off to the model isle. I was stuck in the handle & knob isle for about 15 minutes more.

I found this one last and it was perfect. Rebekah plays the piano. Very well, in fact.Loved the elegance of the Fleur de Li with the modern look of the black and white. The “R” symbolizes Rebekah herself. I love how all 3 knobs match with the black & white; they are also the same style. The piano knob is just a little smaller so that one is going in the middle. A big “thank you” to my dad, for making me this piece of wood. He did a fantastic job! He is a genius making things with wood. The back.  Dad drilled extra space so the back of the knobs wouldn’t stick out.The next step was to paint or stain it. I chose a black since the sister’s room is red and black. Also the white knobs will stand out really well against it!Staining is a serious job!Here’s the first coat minus the edges. I managed to get two coats done on the front plus the sides in one night. {Side note: I got the stain ALL over my right hand & forgot that this stuff doesn’t come off with soap and water. HA! Thankfully my hubby had some paint thinner so I was saved.}This is after the second coat. I gave it one more and did the same to the opposite side.Here it is all beautiful and finished! I love how it turned out! And best of all, she loves it!


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