Things you should never do

I should be banned from ever using scissors. When they see me coming they should scream and run. Am I talking about paper scissors? Sewing scissors? Kitchen scissors? No. The scissors which I speak of are hair cutting scissors.

Yes. This is I. After I got the urge to CUT then TRIM then STRAIGHTEN my bangs. {sigh} It is times like these when I cry for my Mom. Who laughs at my botched attempts {every time} but always fixes it for me. Take it from me when I say that it is ALWAYS a mistake to cut your own hair. Especially when you think it your little brain, “How hard could it be?” Red flag warning right there. So next time I have the urge to cut my bangs. I hope that I will stop dead in my tracks before getting the scissors. Maybe I should have hubby hide them in a top secret place?



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