Oh my word

I meant to have a post read to go this morning but I got carried away with my “list.” I got the bug to reorganize the closet, put away clothes that don’t currently fit, and re-do the kitchen cupboards. It all turned out really well and I feel rather productive! However, now that I am sitting we can get to our word. It is a word that I’m sure you all are aware of but it goes with this ridiculous quote from Don Quixote {I’m glad to announce that I have finished reading the first book/volume}.

“‘That’s exactly it,’ replied Don Quixote, ‘that’s just how beautifully I’ve worked it all out — because for a knight errant to go crazy for good reason, how much is that worth? My idea is to become a lunatic for no good reason at all.'” Volume 1, Chapter 25, pg. 151

Don Quixote cracks me up one minute and horrifies me that next. He is always attacking some innocent person whom he imagines to be an enemy or something enchanted and makes off with their things.  Half of the time I feel for Sancho Panza for being dragged around with this crazy knight but on the other hand he isn’t so bright himself. He could leave at anytime but he is clinging to Don Quixote”s promises that he will be ruler over his own island so he stays with him.I have a feeling that at the end of the second volume he still won’t have his island. But I guess I’ll find out.

So the word this week is: Lunatic

1} affected with lunacy {which is, in other words, insane}

2} wildly foolish

There you have it. Happy Thursday to you all!


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