Clothespin magnets

{1} Tools: scissors, paper punches, clothespins, magnets {with sticky on back}, scrapbook paper {preferably the adhesive kind}, tape, glitter, accessories

{2} Put your magnets in two spots. Make sure that the magnet is strong enough to really stay on the fridge. Otherwise, they fall off easily.

{3} My mother in law had adhesive scrapbook paper which was perfect for this craft {I didn’t know they made such a wonderful thing!}! So much easier when you are dealing with smaller things and you don’t have to mess with tape, glue, etc.

{4} Glitter? I think yes!

{5} Loved the daisy on this one!

{6} The end result of the glitter…I decided to use two colors and it came out really good….and it got dropped. So now the dots are a little squished looking. Oops.

{7} & {8} The finished result! A very easy way to make your fridge look pretty.


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