Toilet paper flowers

{1} After squishing the tubs so that they lay somewhat flat, cut them into strips. The measurement is up to you. I made mine all 1″.

{2} Spray paint would probably be the easiest but I used acrylic and it went on really nice. I gave each piece 2 coats, inside and out.

{3} Thank goodness it comes off easily! lol

{4} Let them dry thoroughly

{5} The trickiest part was to get the paint in the cracks. I used a paint sponge instead of a brush so that worked well.

{6} Use your hot glue gun to fuse the pieces together. You can also make them look like butterflies depending on how you glue them.

{7} Buy a canvas {size of your choosing}, paint it {or leave it white}, and hot glue your flowers onto it. This last part I have not done yet, hence the lack of picture. I am still deciding whether I want to make more flowers or go with a smaller canvas. Also since my house is more red/black, I am thinking about painting my canvas red. We shall see!


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