Oh my word

“I don’t understand you, husband,’ replied Teresa. ‘Do whatever you like, but don’t break my head with your haranguing and fine words. If you are revolved to do what you say…’

Resolved you mean, wife’ said Sancho, ‘not revolved.”  Volume II of Don Quixote, Chapter 4, Page 502

This whole last chapter records an argument between Sancho Panza and his wife. It was pretty hilarious. Especially this part when Sancho corrects his wife’s words. He himself is always telling Don Quixote to stop correcting him and of course he turns around and does it to someone else!

The word for the week is harangue. It is most definitely not spelled the way it sounds. When looking at it I always think it should sound something like kangaroo {don’t ask me why}. However it is pronounced hah-rang. So now when I see it, I shall think of meringue. *cough*

The definition is this:

-a scolding, long or intense verbal attack.
-a long passionate and vehement speech, especially one that is delivered before the public.
-a long, pompous speech/writing of a tediously hortatory or didactic nature; sermonizing lecture or discourse.


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