Cleaning out & organizing

You know those fleeting moments when you are inspired to clean? When you get an idea of how to organize better & you’re tired of the mess? That is what happened to me this morning. It pounced on me rather unexpectedly but now that it is finished I feel great about it! {My dining room table is another story} We have an extra sink in our room with a full mirror and cupboards which is where I do all my beautifying and store everything. It seems like it’s always out of control there. Too many containers, brushes, clips, bobby pins, hair in general, etc.  So here is living proof that it looks 100% better!

{The middle picture on the left is all my eye shadow that was getting low in the original container still enough worth saving. I put them all in individual containers that stack. They were for scrapbooking accessories but I wasn’t using them that much there. That one was my own original thought. Brilliant!! The middle picture on the right is extra stuff that I was able to fit into one container instead of the two they used to spill out of.}


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