Oh my word

I am beyond excited that I only have 38 chapters left in Don Quixote! The light at the end of the tunnel is about to appear! I’m sure you are quite ready to have words from another book besides this one.  I have been tempted to put it down for another but no, I am determined {have I said that before? haha} to finish this one first. Prepare yourself for this new word.

Pestiferous {pe-stif-er-uh’s}

{1} bringing or bearing disease

{2} pestilential

{3} pernicious; evil

{4} informal. Mischievous.; troublesome or annoying.

For the quote with this word we find Don Quixote telling the Duke {who is taking advantage of the knight errant’s insanity} about how his “lady,” whom he has never met in person, has been enchanted and instead of seeing her as an elegant lady he sees her as a peasant girl.

” ….for this third expedition, I found a different person from the one I sought. I found her enchanted and transformed from a princess into a country-girl, from beauty to ugliness, from angel to devil, from sweet-smelling to pestiferous, from eloquent to rustic, from gentle to skittish, from light to darkness and, to conclude, from Dulcinea del Toboso to a Sayagan peasant girl.” page 680



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