Oh my word

“Since the memorable adventure of the fulling-mills,’ said Don Quixote, ‘ I have never seen Sancho in such a fright as now; and if I were as superstitious as some, his pusillanimity would cause me some tremors of heart. But come here, Sancho, for with these gentleman’s permission I should like to say a word or two to you in private.’ page 728 of Don Quixote (Part II)

Can you guess what the word of today is?

Pusillanimity {pyoo-suh-luh-nim-i-tee} is the state or condition of being timid or cowardly.

You will have to read chapter forty one of part two to find out why Sancho Panza is in such a state. I will tell you that it has something to do with a wooden horse and flying.

Are you reading yet?


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