Oh my word

It’s been done. I have finished THE longest book I’ve ever read (well, maybe not because Gone With the Wind was pretty big too….and Little Women…..and, never mind). I have to say I was quite surprised at Don Quixote’s ending. I mean, I knew that he dies because that is the title of the very last chapter (no, I did NOT skip ahead and read the ending) but there is a turn of events there that goes along with his death. Quite interesting but I shall say no more because you have to read it for yourself! I actually ended up reading the last several chapters on the iPod and despite the small screen it seemed like I was able to read faster that way than with the actual book. It surprised me because I never thought I could concentrate on reading on a computer-ish device. :P

So now, I have to find a new book with which to bring you fascinating words each week. But for now, I have some backup words from the last chapters of my old friend, Sir Knight Errant.

Transmogrify {trans-mog-ruh-fahy} is to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.

“Oh my lord!’ cried Sancho{speaking to the Duke}, ‘those banditti have been long used and accustomed to chop, change, and transmogrify every thing that belongs to my master: some time ago he vanquished an errant called the Knight of the Mirrours, and in a twinkling they transformed him into the figure of the bachelor Sanson Carrasco, a townsman and great friend of ours;” Chapter LVI, Book II

*Confession: I actually finished the book about a month ago and totally thought that I had already posted this! Oops! Sorry to leave you wondering if I ever finished the book…I know you were hanging by a thread. lol It came in handy though as I have misplaced my Anne book {can’t find it anywhere} so I didn’t have a word for today. Enjoy!*


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