Oh my word + a cloudy day

I woke up this morning feeling pretty awake and energetic {at 5:00 AM, thank you very much} and had all these plans to do dishes, clean my bathroom and vacuum my house. However when it got light outside all I could see was dark clouds! ARG! Do they realize how hard it is to do anything when there is no sun and all you can see is gray clouds? Add cold weather to the mix hence I am still in my jammies, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. So much for my big plans.

The sun keeps teasing to come out but I am skeptical.  Your word of the day is from Dear Enemy by Jean Webster. It is the sequel to her book Daddy-Long-Legs. Both are endearing, hilarious and heart warming.

Insouciance {in-soo-see-uhns} meaning a lack of care or concern; indifferent.

“He wrote me the other day after the fire and begged me to “chuck the asylum” and get married immediately, and now he’s coming to argue it out. I can’t make him understand that a job involving the happiness of one hundred or so children can’t be chucked with such charming insouciance.”  This is written by Sallie, the main character, to her friend Judy about her fiancee. You’ll have to read to see what happens.  Since they are classic books {I never knew that} they are free to download for your Kindle or Nook. So now you have no excuse. Go read them!

The sun just popped out again so maybe there is yet hope for my cleaning.



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