Oh Christmas tree

Confession: I’ve had my tree up for about two weeks now. I totally justified putting it up a week before Thanksgiving because of all we have going on. :)  Hubby and I also decided to not put up our big tree this year because it’s one less thing to mess with. I was kinda sad but at the same time I like how the little tree {borrowed from my Mom} turned out. It also doesn’t take up as much room. :)

I went searching for tree lights and couldn’t find a strand I am sure that is hiding from me somewhere. I ended up finding a small strand that was barely long enough but it worked fine. However, part of the strand was melted into a Christmas candle that was in the same box so I had to detach them. Note to self:don’t leave candles in the outside closet over the summer.I had just enough red ornaments to go around and then just put a few of our personal ornaments on there too. Also candy canes to go with the “red” theme. I had to go with lighter ornaments anyway so the tree wouldn’t tip over. Hubby made the star (I tried and failed} to go on top!


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