Wordless Wednesday

So the tree has already been moved {we lost an ornament ball in the process}. We did some more rearranging in the living room so now the tree is more in the dining room. Please excuse the tacky lights across the wall. I did find my longer string of lights and they look much better.Looooooooooove candy canes on trees!!!!!  I am also addicted to taking close up tree pictures. :P This is the last one, promise.I had fun making these letters out of scrapbook paper. I probably did it the hard one {it took forever} but it was fun! Came from this idea on Pinterest. I also started wrapping presents so I could try them out {no, I’m not wrapping my own, lol} and made a HUGE mess.  Sometimes I wonder if creativity is worth it. {totally kidding, except when it comes to cleaning up!}

Over the weekend, hubby and I enjoyed Starbucks buy one get one holiday drinks. I love it when they do that promo because then I can totally justify spending $4 on a cup of coffee. I only drank half of mine and had the rest the next day which made it even better! It was sooooooooo yummy! Baby girl was moving around lots afterwards!

I totally keep blowing the whole “wordless” concept. I have issues. Obviously.

Have a great Wednesday!!!



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