Oh my word

I have started reading Anne of Windy Poplars. And although they are way different than the books {naturally}, I love the Anne of Green Gable movies! Anne is one of those people who you could read for hours and just laugh at the way she puts her sentences. The scrapes she gets herself into and the characters she meets are quite endearing. Anywho, I have never finished the Windy Poplars book so having finished all the other books I was reading, I picked it up again and am enjoying it. The word for the week is from that book and taken from a scene where Anne is having dinner with the Carter family where Dr. Carter is throwing a fit and not speaking to anyone, not even the company. His whole family is in dismay over this but afraid to confront him about it so Anne starts some mischief like only she can do.

Rubicund {roo-bi-kuhnd} red or reddish; ruddy complexion

“What would you think of a man who believed the earth was flat?” asked Pringle. Anne thought Cyrus {Dr. Carter} would speak then. A tremor seemed to pass over his rubicund face, but no words came. Still, she was sure his mustaches were a little less defiant.” page 71

Happy December 1st, peoples!!!


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