There’s just something about it

I don’t know about measuring my life but there is something to be said for a strong, freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee. Be it in an expresso machine, a french press, or just your normal drip-drop machine…it is good.  Do you drink it black? With milk and sugar? Are you adventurous? Always trying new flavors of coffee creamers and coffee beans? Or perhaps you are more traditional, sticking wih your one known and loved flavor.  We like French vanilla in this house. And currently a nice big spoonful of sweet and condensed milk does the trick. Yumeeee!  I must say that throughout this pregnancy I have been very good. In fact, when during my first trimester the smell of it made me want to puke, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem staying away at all. However that aversion cleared up, so by my 4 month or so I had had a few sips here and there. Since winter has come and there is now a reason to drink piping hot liquid, it has been more difficult not to have a cup every morning before breakfast. I bought myself some hot chocolate {it tastes especially good in December} and there is an occasional cup of tea with honey {currently because I have a slight cold…..*sneeze*}. But some mornings, I do indulge in that delectable black stuff. I used to just drink it black, you know. That’s the way my Daddy did it and I was going to be just like him, naturally. But then my husband, who I was dating at the time, introduced me to creamer and sadly, I have been conformed. Gone to the dark side of sweetness. I have to say, I rather enjoy it.

So tell me…how do you drink your cup of Joe?


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