Christmas Festivities

On Christmas eve we started the morning out with coffee and {yummy} cinnamon rolls that I made with friends the day before {we also had them for breakfast the following three mornings and they were equally as good! Can you really overdose on this goodness?}.

We went to dinner at In-and-Out and myyyyyy was it good!!! I was definitely having a burger craving. Heartburn inevitably followed but it was so worth it!We picked up Emmaline’s carseat!!! It does fit in our car {kinda important} and I know how to adjust everything so we are set! Had to make some cookies to eat…..also espresso…and I still actually slept! We finished off the night watching A Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Soooo fun! Christmas morning we headed off to church and enjoyed the morning service. Afterwards, we got to hang out with my family for the rest of the day. We ate a ton of food and opened presents. Minus my swollen feet & ankles, it was a perfect day! {Baby girl, you can come anytime!! Mommy’s ready!}

How were your holidays? Have a favorite moment?


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