One of those awkward days…..

Awkward as in planning to run some simple errands, getting in my car, backing up, having it stop in the middle of the parking lot, the battery die, and having a random guy push me back into my parking spot.

That wasn’t on the agenda for the day.

Thankfully I wasn’t completely blocking the road so others could still drive by and thank goodness no one that was parked behind me needed to get out while I was stuck.   When my hubby got home, he came in and said the car started up just fine for him! So I thought, “yay! I’ll go run my errands now.”  But when I went to start the car, it didn’t. Again. Hubby tried as I stood by hoping it wouldn’t start for him and make me feel more stupid, but it wouldn’t start for him either. Hence a trip to the car store to pick up a battery. Replacing the battery was a royal pain because nothing ever goes in or comes out of that car nicely so it took forever to fix a bit time consuming.  I was assistant, holding the flashlight while hubby worked.  When it was done the car started right up! {yay}

Also awkward: walking into Walgreens {one of my errands we did after getting the new battery} and the lady cashier freaking out….“Oh my goodness, hun! You look about done! You’re almost done cooking, aren’t you?” and then her remark to the photo guy, “ You better not make her mad…….”

Yep. It was one of those days.

On the awesome side, the battery we got was free because it was still under warranty! Definitely a blessing. Also, in not running my errands earlier I got the kitchen cleaned and more of baby girl’s things organized.  The Lord always works things out in every situation; just probably not the way we plan it to be. :P

Have a great Wednesday!


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