Christmas cleanup and Grandma presents

So how many of you are done with Christmas the day it’s over? Like the day after you take down all decorations along with the tree and finish eating all the leftover ham? Or not. Maybe you like to leave up your stuff until the new year hits?  Please share!

Personally once Christmas day is over, I am ready to put everything away and deep clean. However, {four days later…*gasp*} I am just now getting to taking the tree down due to lack of energy to do much of anything. It has also taken me a few days to finish off the cookies though I pleased to say they are ALL gone! Gone to my hips, that is. I confess this is the current state of my kitchen table. We’ll see how far I get today.I was really excited because my mom dropped by to give me some presents from my Grandma. My family went to visit her these last few days and we didn’t get to go because of work {and the fact that I probably shouldn’t be going to far away}. So Grandma sent down our presents with the fam on their way home. No one wraps presents like Grandma. She always has the prettiest paper and the fanciest bows with lots of ribbon curls. I remember her teaching me how to curl ribbon when I would go stay with her as a kid.  Half of the fun is seeing her packages! They make me reminiscent of Christmas through the years. She has always puts a candy cane on at least one present too. That’s become tradition. :)  I really missed not being with her for Christmas so seeing her gifts is a  little like having a piece of her here with me.


3 thoughts on “Christmas cleanup and Grandma presents

  1. I did my deep clean and un-decorating Christmas Day afternoon and the next day…I like to have everything down right away because Noah’s birthday is so soon afterwards and once I started cleaning I just kept going…closets and all! :)

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