Sewing organization

For Christmas my mom got me some of those necessary sewing supplies. The kind you need to sew on a button or to cut material, or thread a  needle.  My good friend also gave me the most adorable little sewing kit with some of these things as well.  So I decided to see what I exactly had and organize it all. I have a bad habit of leaving threads on  needles and not putting things back where they go so it was kinda messy.I was excited to get different color threads. All I had previously was multicolored {pink, purple and blue), gold and burgundy. Kinda difficult to sew a button on a white shirt with burgundy thread. So now I have black, white and grays. I put all my needles in one spot (revamped the “needle book” I put together when I was super young), buttons and loose threads.Put all my straight pins in a little plastic container except for these fancy ones.  Got my tape measure and little scissors handy.The bottom of the sewing box.An all around look! It is 100% better than it was before.  I can’t wait to use some of the new things that I got. Feeling a need to go on Pinterest and see what project I can do next!Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great new year celebration!


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