Favorite books

I just finished reading Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” It’s one I’ve read a few times over and will read several times again!  I love the time period in which it was written. I feel smarter just by the vocabulary alone! I confess that it’s one of the few Jane Austen book I’ve managed to get all the way through. The thicker ones always appear to be more impossible. Sometimes I tend to get lost in what they are talking about and by the time I follow the conversation back I realize that for the last 5 pages they’ve been speaking on the blue sky. Whaaaat?  But besides that, I love how you are always wondering whether her characters are going to end up together! In Persuasion, adversity and ridiculous family members are always keeping Anne and Captain Wentworth apart. When he is still bitter against her and is supposedly courting another girl you just die a little bit for Anne. Then you hold your breath as you read Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne after he thinks she is going to marry the wretched cousin, ” You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever.”  But fear nothing because the end wraps up quite nicely; all the problems, misconceptions and misunderstandings clear up and they live happily ever after! Naturally.

My husband just told me that my next book to read is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

Apparently i read to much fiction. :P

So what are you favorite books that you tend to pick over and over again?


2 thoughts on “Favorite books

  1. I love that book too!!
    And when you read Pride & Prejudice, don’t you just love words like “felicity” and “mischance” !? ;)

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