Guest post: Ruffled Apron Tutorial

I am soooo excited to have my first ever guest post!! My sister has made the cutest apron so I asked if she would please share. She is always making her own clothes and doing other projects via the sewing machine {much harder things for one such as myself, a pattern-illiterate-zero-patience-person}. This apron however is something I could probably attempt; it is pretty easy but looks difficult. :) Anyway, long story short she graciously accepted and put together the pictures and directions. I hope you enjoy it!

What you will need:

Three to four coordinating fabrics {this will be your ruffles and tie}

Base Fabric {I used muslin}


Tape Measure

Sewing Machine


Take your base fabric and cut two 18″x24″ rectangles. I will refer to these as the apron front and apron back.Cut two 4″x 36″ strips of each of your remaining 3 fabrics. You’ll end up with 6 ruffles. {there are so many beautiful fabrics out there to use, I had a hard time picking mine!}Cut one 7″x 100″ strip {or two 7″x 50″ strips and sew them together} from one of your fabrics. This will become your waist tie. Set aside for later.

Fold, iron and sew 1/4″ seam around the edge of each ruffle strip.  Repeat for each of the remaining ruffles.

I used a longer stitch on my machine to do the gathering. Sew across one edge of the ruffle strip, length-wise.This will gather the fabric and create your ruffle. Repeat for each of the remaining ruffles.Lay your apron front right side up in front of you. Place one ruffle along the bottom of the apron front so that the top of the ruffle is about 2 1/2″ from the bottom edge of the apron frontand 1/2″ from the side. Pin in place and sew 1/4″ from the top edge of the ruffle.Repeat the above step with each of the remaining ruffles creating the pattern of your choice. The bottom edge of each new ruffle should only overlap the top edge of the sewn ruffles by 1.”

Once you have all six ruffles sewn to the apron front, push the ruffles toward the center and place the apron back right side down on top of your ruffled apron front. Pin edges. Be careful not to catch the ruffles in the pins.

Sew 5/8″ seam around the two sides and bottom only {leave the top open}. Turn right side out.Iron a 1″ seam around all four sides of the tie for the waist. Fold in half length-wise and iron. This creates a seam binding.

Open your folded tie and center apron inside the fold. Close the fold and pin in place. You’re almost done!Starting at one end of the tie, sew a 1/4″ seam to close the open edge and attach the apron to the tie.Now you are all done! There is nothing to do but wear your apron while cooking something scrumptious in the kitchen!I hope these instructions and pictures were helpful. Have fun and happy baking!!


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