How do you like marking your books?

The Kindle and Nook are super popular and I must admit it is pretty cool to have tons of books right at your fingertips. I find all these classics for free and before I know it, I’ve downloaded 10 of them. However,  I still prefer the paper kind and I know there are others out there as well.So.

Do you fold a page over to mark your spot? Do you use magnet bookmarks? Do you buy them from the store? Maybe you use whatever piece of paper you can find lying around. A receipt, a gum wrapper, shred of notebook paper, sticky note. That would be me as well.

However, after perusing a boutique and seeing some cool ideas, my one sister suggested we make these. Which we four girls proceeded to do one fine afternoon. They were super fun and easy to make. They didn’t take a lot of supplies and I got to use a bunch of paper scrapes I had(which made me feel good about keeping them in the first place). Cut a 3×3 square for your base.Cut two more the same size and then cut them in half so they become triangles. If you do an “accent” triangle for multiple layers, cut another square 2×2 and in half.Tape one triangle completely to your base. With the other, only tape around the edges. Do not tape the side that touches your other triangle as that will be your “pocket.” We use this fantastic stuff called “Tombo” but you could probably use glue or double sided tape.Here’s some closeupsWait for it….Ta-da!Here’s how it looks on your page. Lovely! Can you figure what book this is?


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