Being {Mamma}

I love being a mom! Baby girl is soooo sweet and precious. I love to watch her little face as she sleeps. I can’t wait to see her after a nap or even when she wakes me in the middle of the night. I love how she smells after a nice bath and rocking her to sleep all wrapped up in her blanket. I could go on and on. But there are also a few things that I have found rather funny and those are below. {I’m sure this list will grow as well} Eating fast finally comes in handy and is essential
Your shirts, blankets, and/or dishcloths become “burp cloth” when you don’t actually have one handy
You are the official diaper changer {“Who, me? Oh, no you shouldn’t have!“}
Four hours of sleep is something you brag about
Naptime becomes tradition and not having at least three a day one makes you automatically cranky
Baby talk is the main dialect
You give praise after praise for nice long, loud burps
You check to make sure baby is still breathing one, two  three times before you can sleep at night
You can’t sleep when they cry but when they don’t you wonder if something is wrong
A+D ointment is your best friend
You learn to take precautions when changing diapers {especially after learning the hard way that baby poop flies. Oh yes.}


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