{Good reads}

1. Book #2 of the Mark of the Lion series. I highly recommend these! Working on this one currently for the 5th…6th….7th time.

2. Book #1 of the same series {sorry, got them out of order}. Just finished reading this one after finally buying it for myself for Christmas!

3. Working on this one. I’m not halfway through yet and I’ve already learned a ton about Crockett that I never knew!

4. This one was really slow going so I ended up taking it back before finishing….*guilty look*….the first chapter. I might get it again after finishing Davy Crockett.

5.  Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Don’t have a picture of this one because it had to go back to the library. Read. It. I don’t think I’ve ever read a biography so fast! The life story of Louis Zamperini was fascinating! Reading everything he went through, it’s amazing that he is  still alive.  It’s incredible to see how the Lord worked in his life.


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