Life Lately

Been making beef & broccoli rather often. Haven’t perfected my recipe yet but it’s progressing each time. I think. I am also getting better in the art of chopsticks. I’ve been on blood pressure medicine since I delivered and having been keeping track of my numbers on this wonderful little machine {thanks, Dad!}. However,  this is the second week I have been off the bp meds and the numbers have been doing great!  Very thankful. Love this little baby bum and the fact that she can roll herself over…, already?…think she likes sleeping on her tummy.I am notorious for killing plants. My parents got this pretty one for us after baby girl arrived. All the flowers except this one have perished. My husband comes home from work every day to ask,”Did you water your flowers?” The answer to this 99.9% of the time most times is a sheepish and dejected “no.” I have been trying to be better about this.  Glad this little pink daisy has so far survived my neglect.


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