The Weekend

My weekend didn’t really go as planned. Not that you can really plan much with a 2 month old.  :) Baby girl came down with some kind of cold that is mostly a super watery eye, a goopy cough & a gooey nose. I’ve gotten lots of practice with that green “nose sucker” & surprisingly she doesn’t cry when I use it {most of the time.}  But besides that, she has still been her happy little self, which is nice. Nights are a bit hard because she seems to cough a lot then & Mamma doesn’t get much sleep because she has to check on baby girl over and over.  {ever notice that since you became a mom you don’t refer to yourself as anything but?} Humidifiers are great but make me glad I don’t live in a humid place. Don’t think I could stand it for very long.We got to help celebrate two of my siblings birthdays which means we ate lots of food & topped it off with the traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  Papa put baby girl to sleep, we played games & talked lots.  Family time is the best!

Yesterday I cooked my very first turkey {no it’s not Thanksgiving, I just had one in my freezer}.  I must say that besides being a tad dry it was really good and we got a ton of meat off of it!  Next time I think I want to experiment with seasonings & stuffing. Have you ever taken the gizzards out of a turkey?  Conversation was as follows.

Me: {pulling the gizzard bag out of the turkey} Ew, this is so. gross.

Hubby: I think there is something else in there.

Me: {gag} No there isn’t. They put the gizzards in the bag.

Hubby: There is something else in there.

Me: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww {pulling out the neck} it keeps coming!! I didn’t know they were that long! {drops in garbage bag and washes hands 50 times.}

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have them but am to lazy to put them up right now. Also must apologize for the randomness of this post. I’m running on a few hours + an extra half hour of sleep. {I thought about showering in the half hour but sleep won by a landslide. Who needs showers? phahahaha. jk.}

Weekends go by way to fast. Don’t ya think?

Happy Nap time to me!


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