Some new projects

Lately I haven’t had time to do any projects but I can’t say that I’ve had any inspiration either.  However, with two of my siblings’ birthdays last week, I started thinking. I love to make things that are unique or special to the person receiving.  Even if it’s just a card, it’s fun to make it creative.

My youngest brother enjoys writing and drawing his own comics and stories. He is really good at it too! So I made a set of three notebooks, each one different in design, to hold upcoming stories/comics. Can’t wait to see what he puts in them!  Making these reminded me of when my sister and I were young. We used to make our own books similar to these all the time and fill them with all kinds of stuff! Usually make believe diaries or letters to go along with what we were playing that day.For my youngest sister, I was a momentarily stumped. I started experimenting and designed this bracelet made from buttons.  Every button is different and makes me think of a different aspect of her.  There isn’t just one trait that makes her who she is but many put together.  I love all the colors!  The best part is that she liked it! :)


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