On this Saturday Morning

So you know how I told you that I cooked my very first turkey? Well, here it is! Beautiful, no?  It was pretty yummy and I had a plate stacked high of meat when I was done pulling it off the bone. It was a relatively good experience. One thing was the skin was super dry which made me sad ‘cuz I couldn’t eat it. Better for my thighs, I guess.

 I  also now have a computer! My amazing hubby whipped up this little baby for me in two days!  Don’t be hatin’ on the diapers now, I know you’re just jealous.  Lately I’ve been reading nonfiction books about presidents, congressmen and south pole explorers so I decided to take a break and do some light reading.  With tea & my planner in case I thought of anymore things that I had to do. Which I did, so I didn’t stay put for long. But the tea was yummy.My latest project was a menu frame. My MIL just made one that was super cute and as I sat and looked at it, I realized that I had all the stuff to make my own! Scrapbook paper, stickers, frame, dry erase marker. Done! It’s hanging in my kitchen and will come in super handy. I am always writing down my meals for the week on my grocery list and then when I am done shopping I throw the list away hence losing my meal plan. Then I have to write them down again! I always have paper all over the place. This will be much more efficient!Have any fun plans for the weekend? I am currently watching baby girl stare at her toes. She can get her feet in the air but hasn’t figured out how to grab them yet. We are looking forward to some family time soon!  Baby girl gets to meet new faces and share her baby deliciousness!


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