Our day….

This morning I had a long list of things I was determined to accomplish. I have this problem of starting things and then not finishing. Well, not today! Here is me looking…er…determined? Baby girl, of course, was very supportive. She yelled at me on occasion but took her naps like a champ.  Put on some Pride&Prejudice to keep me company.Did you know that shower curtain bar makes for a great place to hang wet baby clothes? I love it!Got a load folded and put away.And then THIS happened.Never fear, however, I only played forty four levels a few levels and got back to work.Took a break for some lunch {had to blend my avocados because they weren’t quite as ripe as I thought}…..Bath time for baby girl!I did more dishes and cooked some but after all this, we get to go to a birthday party!

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!


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