As I was sitting here, ready to type out things I am thankful for, it just hit me again how blessed I really am. It’s so easy to not even stop and think, “wow, I have so much!”  To easy to become discontent and unhappy because we think we need more or we don’t get something we want. Most of it is pretty shallow and meaningless. Again and again I’m reminded how little material objects matter and it’s the ones I love that mean the most. After all, what are possessions if they cost you relationships?  Most of the things I share here are little ones, but you know what? It’s little moments that fill up our days.

making silly noises that get baby girl giggling — baby girl’s fuzzy little head & sleepy face after naps — making coffee for my hubby — spending a few minutes reading my Bible — cleaning house & reorganizing — the smell of fresh laundry — the sun spilling through my windows — evening walks — holding hands

What are you thankful for today?


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