• So excited to finally have a pair of new glasses. When hubby & I originally got our new prescriptions the sales lady at Eye Masters gave us a quote that was way over our budget.  I had been looking around for awhile and praying about the situation. Last week while I was perusing MoneySavingMom I found the greatest deal. At, if you are a new customer, is offering a free pair of frames so all I had to do was pay for shipping and thinner lenses! So both my hubby and I got a pair of glasses for under $100! I was a little worried about how they would fit but I got them today and they are perfect! It’s so great how the Lord answers prayer and that nothing is too small to go to Him for!
  • I have a new appreciation for my hubby. This past week he had the opportunity to work overtime which has made his days super long. It has pretty much been “hi” & “goodbye” in the morning and “hi” & “goodnight” in the evenings. I have definitely missed him! I am so thankful for his hard work to provide for us as a family! He is my hero.
  • Was able to attend my siblings science fair along with several other students participating. It was a great education for me! I learned lots about the solar system, black holes, layers of rock, thunderstorms, leaves, displacement and more! I wish I could’ve taken notes!
  • Enjoyed some rain showers. It didn’t last long but cooled things off for awhile and the smell of rain is great!
  • Grateful for the ability to grow things.  Specifically food to eat….I am going to attempt growing some herbs. Since I was able to keep my daisy plant alive for awhile {it died from natural causes, not by  my hand} I have a small, tiny, minuscule bit of hope that maybe, just maybe I can keep other plants alive. I just can’t forget to water them.
  • Bangs. Yes, they have returned. Only this time I didn’t attempt to cut them myself! My mom did it for me.  The whole bangs-on-the-side thing was getting on my nerves since they weren’t long enough to put behind my ear and just hung in my eyes. So now the problem is solved!

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