Taking apart a computer hard drive 101

Did you think I was kidding? I was not. This is what I did yesterday. Why? you ask. Several weeks ago, I was making fridge magnets but they were not very strong so they were sliding down the fridge. So. annoying.  My hubby noticed this and said that I should use the ones from his old computer hard drives because they are so strong they won’t come off your fridge even if you pull with all your might super strong. Yesterday while hubby was going through all his stuff, he pulled them out and told me to take them apart. After spending way to long trying to find a screwdriver to fit, I had at it. I have to admit it was really fun pulling them apart. I found other cool stuff besides the magnets.  Platters, for instance,  which look like mini cds but are thicker and mirror-like. They are really cool. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them yet. Got any ideas? Please share!what the inside looks likeall the parts of a hard drive, minus screws (the magnets are attached the half moon shape pieces of metal. I have to figure a way to get them unglued.) what I kept


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