Can I just start out by saying, I cannot believe it’s Friday again already! It’s just scary how fast these days, weeks and year is going by!

  • Shot for baby girl this week. While I am not happy watching her gets those pokes in her legs, I am thankful for the diseases she will be spared because of them.
  • Lots of snuggles for Mamma {because of the shots, but I’ll take it!}
  • We got a huge rain storm! There was lots of wind, some lightening/thunder and a downpour. I was hoping with the downpour, my car would get cleaned off. However, after driving my car is even worse than before. Rats.
  • Got to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary this week….26 years! Praise the Lord!
  • Looking forward to my first ever, Mother’s Day! I’m SO excited! I asked baby girl what she got me but she just drooled. I’m assuming it’s lots of those slobbery kisses I love so much.

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