• The local produce market. Wow, wow and wow! Last week I ventured there for the first time and was completely overwhelmed with everything that was there and the low prices. I wanted to buy a little of everything! That, however, wasn’t in my budget so I just got a little of half of everything. haha. I am a big ad-matcher but this has been even better. So if you have a local produce market close by, I would strongly encourage you to check it out.
  • Patience & perserverance. When it comes to sewing, I don’t have much. I like doing things once and it working out. This does not seem to happen much when I use a sewing machine. Thankfully, I was able to finish up a few projects I’ve been needing to get done {after ripping it out a few times}.
  • Feeding baby girl. She has started eating rice cereal at breakfast. It’s sooo funny watching her faces but for the most part after spitting, drooling and gagging most of it out and getting it spooned back in she is getting the hang of it.
  • The library. It has been exciting {for me} to get books that I used to love as a little kid to read to baby girl. I know that she is a little young to appreciate them, but I’m reading to her none the less. Most of the time she yells while I read and tries to grab the pages.  I’m sure she only wants to help. :P

Hope you all have a great weekend! Yay for Friday & June 1st!


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