Life Lately

Lately I’ve been taking a few minutes everyday to rock with baby girl. Most of the time she will sit quietly and look out the window. I love those moments.Recently baby girl discovered that my knee {or my arm or shoulder, or fingers} makes a great chew toy. That will stop as soon as her teeth come in! Last week, baby girl was super fussy. I had laid her on the bed to play with her and all of a sudden she was completely asleep!So usually when I hard boil eggs, I put them in a bowl in the fridge {so they don’t get mixed up with the non-hard boiled ones}. My fridge was full, no room for another bowl, so I was just going to draw “x’s” on the hard boiled eggs {so I could put them with the non-hard boiled ones}. Instead I ended up drawing faces on them and naming them. My husband called me during his lunch hour and asked me why his hard boiled egg had a face on it.  He said that it was weird. :PIs that weird?

Happy Wednesday!


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