• I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I am not a very faithful floss-er {there, I said it} so I always get real good about it the week before going to the dentist. Not sure why I think that will work because the hygienists always know if you haven’t been doing it on a regular basis. Anywho, NO CAVITIES!!! I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about that. I have also promised to floss more and I really mean it this time! :P
  • So thankful so snuggle time with baby girl before her naps. Love how she tries to burrow in my neck and roll into a ball while I’m holding her.
  • Our pool is finally done getting all fixed up! Pretty ready to start using it on a regular basis again.
  • P90X. I did it once and I’m gonna do it again. Today is the first day so wish me no pain! Haha, just kidding. I know how it goes; no pain no gain. :P

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