Project Baby: Burp Clothes

So I had these burp clothes…loved the terrycloth but they were a little small in size. So I fixed them up a little bit.Remove edging around cloth {the seam ripper is your new bff}Cut in four, or however many you want, strips.Now cut your other fabric for the alternating strips {I used knit from an old shirt}.Arrange the way you want the completed cloth to be.Sew strips right sides together and trim away any excess material.Cut material for the back piece {again I used knit}. Sew the two pieces together with right sides facing each other. Make sure you leave a small opening so you can turn the burp cloth inside out.Slip stitch the remaining hole shut.And there you are!I made fourĀ  of these in one day so they go pretty fast. The longest part is ripping out the edging and cutting the material.


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