• Got our carpet cleaned this week and what a huge difference!!! Especially the front door area. I need to get a rug so it’ll stay that clean!
  • Hubby and I did a little teamwork rearranging. He didn’t like where a particular item was hanging and I thought it was  fine so we thought of a different item to hang the others spot that we both liked! I have to admit I like it better too. :)
  • Got to go swim with my brothers and sisters while Grandma stayed with baby girl. It was fun but I did not escape without a little sunburn.
  • Struggling to work out consistently and get past some major soreness. While it hurts a ton, it’s still a good kind of hurt.
  • Got together with some new friends this week and it was such a blessing!
  • Looking forward to my hubby’s 1st Father’s Day. :)

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