Oh My Word…makes a comeback

 It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. Granted, I haven’t had a 12 inch “classic” to read that has archaic words in it for awhile {had to take a looooong break after Don Quixote}. However, last night I started Ben-Hur so I thought, “why not?” Thus here I am.  I love the movie version with Charlton Heston and was curious to see how they match up. Right now the beginning is completely different since the book begins with the meeting of the three wisemen who visit Jesus as a child.  I am guessing eventually it switches over. It is good so far and not difficult to read {yay!}.   It’s free on Amazon for Kindle, if anyone wants to follow along with me.  Prodigality: the quantity or fact of being prodigal; wasteful extravagance in spending; lavish abundance

“And so, till towards noon, sometimes later, the steady currants of business habitually flow in and out of the Joppa Gate, carrying with them every variety of character; including representatives of all the tribes of Israel, all the sects among whom the ancient faith has been parceled and refined away, all the religious and social divisions, all the adventurous rabble who,  as children of art and ministers of pleasure, riot in the prodigalities of Herod, and all the peoples of note at any time compassed by the Caesars and their predecessors, especially those dwelling within the circuit of the Mediterranean.” book one, chapter 7, page 34


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