Handsoap Adventure

11:30  grated my soap {8 oz bar}. Poured water {1 gallon, distilled} in my pot only to realize that my pot was too small. Mixed glycerin {2TB} in there and put some  into another pot so I could make a whole gallon. Melted the soap over medium-high heat and when it’s done it just looked like soapy water.12:00 Once it all melted, I poured it into one big bowl to cool and become soap. Worry starts to form because it still is as clear as day.

2:52 Watery with few bubbles on top. I tweet my worries to the world.

4:00 Looking the same but with even fewer bubbles.  I continue to worry and try not to panic.4:39 Still completely clear but when I touched it there was a Jello consistency.  Hope is alive!

6:00 a small cloud of white appears in which I begin to celebrate. {it’s so weird to watch it change!} 9:00 success, yay! {big sigh of relief}

Obviously it makes a gallon but it seems like a lot more.  I had to use my hand mixer to get it a smoother consistency. I read that you need to keep it in a thicker container because it’ll eat through thin plastic {like a milk jug} so I stuck it in old hand soap containers. Hopefully that’ll do.

*got the tutorial from this website. It was super helpful!


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