• Last week when our air conditioner broke {the whole unit had to be replaced}, management let us stay in the guest suite in our apartment complex.  It was really nice; we were able to bring everything we needed for the night and baby girl & I stayed there until our place was done being fixed.
  • Rearranging our apartment {after we got back from the guest suite we had some new ideas}. I love it!
  • My hand soap is working out great!
  •  Baby girl eating. I’m so glad that she seems to like oatmeal and rice cereal. However, it takes like 30 minutes for her to eat a teaspoon! This is because she takes a bite and spits half of it out. I’m still learning to be patient and she’s worth every bit. :P
  • Hubby starting his new shift…we’re back to having a “normal” weekend this Saturday/Sunday.
  • Yesterday I had the privilege of linking up with several young ladies who shared about their relationships with Christ in different stages of life. It has been such an encouragement to me this week to read what the Lord has placed on their hearts.

Enjoy the last day of June!


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