•  God’s Word. So thankful that I live in a place where I can have my own Bible, read it whenever I want, and have that feeling of ownership.
  • Rain. We actually got some this week. While I need the sun to thrive as a human being, the two days of cloudiness was a welcome change. The humidity on the other hand….
  • Celebrating our nation’s birthday. We skipped on the fireworks this year because baby girl needed to go to bed. I did see a few on the drive home from church and heard lots around the neighborhood.
  • Creativity. Even though most of the time there are times when my sewing projects don’t turn out, it is fun to try things and make stuff up. It’s the way I seem to learn best.
  • Excitement for my sister’s {and also mine} birthday on Monday! We are planning out everything we are going to do and all the food we are going to eat. Happy Birthday to us! :P

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


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