Life Lately

I’ve kinda gotten behind on my posts. Baby girl hasn’t been sleeping so well at nights. She is a true tummy sleeper and once she rolls over to her back she is stuck. So she will cry and cry and cry and ….anywho. So usually at like 2 AM she wakes up and I have to go roll her over a few times before she will go back to sleep.  Napping in the afternoon has become a more scheduled part of the day for me. But here’s a little of what we’ve been up to.

Chocolate chip cookies…I love making a big batch, freezing them and then being able to pull out however many I want to make. Very convenient…maybe a little too much so…:P Was successful in making my own bread! It was easier then I had remembered so I’m planning on doing it more often. Trying another nail “do.” Although stripes on your little toes don’t work so well. :) Besides this we’ve been cleaning out and reorganizing the inside and outside of our place. Hubby has been hanging pictures and mirrors for me. He is really good about making everything level and measuring lots {which I am not} so it has been a great help!

Have a great Wednesday!


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