Sorry this is late! I got caught in my day of cooking, laundry and taking care of baby girl!

  • Our car passed the emission test last weekend. This is a HUGE praise because we were extremely skeptical of it making it through. :)
  • Made a successful batch of marinara sauce today. Tomato juice/paste was everywhere and my pot wasn’t quite large enough so I had two pots going. Needless to say my freezer is full {which is how I like it!}
  • Grocery shopping is done for the week! Usually we find ourselves going on Saturday so it’s nice to not have to think about it all weekend!
  • Baby girl likes green beans! I was surprised she didn’t make any kind of face. I think peas are up next: eww & yuck  oh how delicious.
  • had fun with my sister taking some fashion pictures {up later} and with the rest of my siblings who came over to swim. The pool was just the right temperature so it was great!
  • Fruit! Off to have some raspberries and chocolate chips……yummy!



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