Weekend doings….

On Saturday we started a new project! A while back {months ago} my parent’s next door neighbor was getting rid a table. The neighbor lady had originally gotten it to refinish but never had. My mom was like…”do you guys want a table” and of course after seeing it I said “yes!” Hubby approved too so since then it’s been sitting at my parents house while we tried to figure out a good time to work on it. I got a head start on sanding while hubby did some work on his car.  I began with one of my dad’s belt sanders, it practically pulled me across the table, and it worked well {my arms are hurting today}. Eventually it started melting the side of the sander! {it worked fine later…just think it needed to cool off for awhile}So my dad got out his bigger belt sander! I liked this one better actually….I felt like I had more control over it since it was bigger, heavier and not as all-over-the-place as the other one. Sadly, after about 5 minutes the belt broke and my dad didn’t have another one! {me and power tools, I tell ya} So I picked up a smaller sander {yes, my dad has lots of tool. :} and went from there. I got 3/4 of the table top sanded when I had to go take care of baby girl. So hubby finished the top as well as all the edging.We took off the legs and brought them home to work on. The black paint was really tough to get through….lots of coats, really thick and it starts sticking to the sander after awhile because of the heat. We’ll get there though and I can’t wait to finish it! In case you were all wondering where baby girl was in all this: She was inside hanging out with her Grandma, aunties and uncles.Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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