Expect the unexpected….

It was Sunday morning. Everything started out as usual. Sunday school, morning service then off to lunch at my parents. We celebrated my mom’s birthday. My sister made this great two layer chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling…uh. yeah. {Why does raspberry have a “p” in it?}

 Baby girl took a great nap. Hubby worked on the family computer. The rest of us watched old family videos because I was craving to see some baby faces of old. We had to leave a little early because I had a meeting before evening service. I never have meetings but I had one today. Got all our stuff ready and was about to go when this monstrous storm blew in.  I am pretty sure it was out to get us.

I mean the rain was pouring sideways because the wind was blowing so hard!

 Before I knew what was happening {we were all standing by the front door looking out, dazed and confused} hubby  grabbed some stuff and ran out to the car. We watched as he was soaked in 3 seconds.  He made it back {with the umbrella?} and said for me and baby girl to come on.

I clutched baby girl, “What?! We’re going to be soaked! Are you sure?”

Seeing there was no way around it, I had a meeting to go to after all, I grabbed the umbrella. Holding it sideways, the diaper bag on one shoulder and baby on the other, I dashed to the car with hubby close behind me. Since he was behind me, I let go of the umbrella so I get get into the car but it dropped to the ground because he had run around to his side of the car.  I slammed the door shut , laughing my head off because this was so ridiculous, and looking at the pathetic green umbrella lying dejected on the sidewalk. There was no way I was getting out to get it. Heroically my brother, bravely battling the tempest, grabbed it, shut it, and thrust it at me when I opened the door a smidge.  Then we three sat and just giggled. Baby girl was smiling, pulling at my wet hair and bouncing around like it was the best day ever. She was only slightly damp. I was a little more wet. Hubby was drenched.

{Insert Anne of Avonlea quote here with tongue roll: “I said drenched. And I mean drenched.”}

Once we got to church, baby girl and I dashed inside {it was still raining}. I only missed a small part of my meeting.  Baby girl played by my side and but soon was grumpy because she needed her dinner. Lemme tell you, feeding green beans to a 6 month old in your lap is quite a feat.  She spit. She coughed. She drooled. I know I had spatters of green on my white shirt. Also my hair was a frizzled, damp mess.  Fortunately we had a special service that night and the lights were out except for on the platform. {LOL} The service was such a blessing to my heart because we got to hear testimonies of those who had just returned from a mission trip from El Salvador. It made me remember when I went on a mission trip and the impact it made on my life.

The moral of this story is: no matter how much you plan something will always happen outside of them. I find that the Lord usually has something else in mind…something better…than I have engineered.


2 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected….

  1. yes, i too have learned to expect the unexpected! glad you all make it through safe and sound! storms scare me, as I am a california girl!

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