Oh My Word

“Exactly as the gnomon of the official dial up in the citadel pointed the second hour half gone, the legion, in full panoply, and with all its standards on exhibit, descended from Mount Sulpius, and when the rear of the last cohort disappeared in the bridge, Antioch was literally abandoned — not that the Circus could hold the multitude, but that the multitude was gone out to it, nevertheless.” Ben-Hur, book five, chapter 12, page 346

Gnomon: the raised part of a sundial that casts the shadow; a style.

Panoply:  a wide-ranging and impressive array or display; a complete suit of armor.

Don’t you just love those words? Sad to be getting to the end of Ben-Hur but next week we’ll wrap it up. My sister is bringing me Jane Austen’s Emma to read next. :)


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