Life Lately

In honor of baby girl being 7 months old{SEVEN MONTHS, PEOPLE!}, it’s just going to be all about her.

She loves to go for walks and I’m looking forward to when it’s cool enough to take more than a 5 minute one. {she only leans out of the stroller like this when it’s not moving. Just an fyi}She is up on her knees, not crawling yet, scooting until she gets what she is after. I love watching her. It’s blurry because she’s always.moving.She puts everything in her mouth. Last Sunday she pulled the headband off her head twice before I decided that it wasn’t going to work. I sneakily stuck a bow in her hair without her noticing but her hair is still really fine so it didn’t last long.Her attempt at a self portrait.  She really just wanted to drool on the camera.

Happy Wednesday from Baby girl and I!


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